Canada - Other Entities - Annex 3 docen docfr  report

Unless otherwise specified, this Agreement covers procurement by entities listed in this Annex, subject to the following thresholds:

Thresholds for: SDR CAD
Goods 355,000 627,200
Services 355,000 627,200
Construction Services 5,000,000 8,800,000
National Currencies
  • 1 Canada Post Corporation
    • 2 Canadian Museum of Civilization
      • 3 Canadian Museum of Nature
        • 4 Canadian Tourism Commission
          • 5 Defence Construction (1951) Ltd.
            • 6 National Capital Commission
              • 7 National Gallery of Canada
                • 8 National Museum of Science and Technology
                  • 9 Royal Canadian Mint
                    • 10 Via Rail Canada Inc.

                      1 For greater certainty, Article XVII applies to procurements by Via Rail Canada Inc. and the Royal Canadian Mint, respecting the protection of the commercial confidentiality of information provided.

                      2 Canada's Appendix 1 does not include procurement by or on behalf of the Royal Canadian Mint of direct inputs for use in minting anything other than Canada legal tender.

                      3 For the European Union, Iceland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, this Agreement does not apply to procurement by entities listed in this Annex.