Chinese Taipei - Central Government Entities - Annex 1 * doc report

Thresholds for: SDR TWD
Goods 130,000 5,180,000
Services 130,000 5,180,000
Construction Services 5,000,000 199,610,000
National Currencies
  • 1 Office of the President
    • 2 Executive Yuan
      • 3 Ministry of Interior (including its Central Taiwan Division and Second Division)
        • 4 Ministry of Finance (including its Central Taiwan Division)
          • 5 Ministry of Economic Affairs (including its Central Taiwan Division)
            • 6 Ministry of Education (including its Central Taiwan Division)
              • 7 Ministry of Justice (including its Central Taiwan Division)
                • 8 Ministry of Transportation and Communications (including its Central Taiwan Division)
                  • 9 Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs Commission
                    • 10 Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission
                      • 11 Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (including its Central Taiwan Division)
                        • 12 Department of Health (including its Central Taiwan Division)
                          • 13 Environmental Protection Administration (including its Central Taiwan Division)
                            • 14 Government Information Office
                              • 15 Central Personnel Administration
                                • 16 Mainland Affairs Council
                                  • 17 Council of Labor Affairs (including its Central Taiwan Division)
                                    • 18 Research, Development and Evaluation Commission
                                      • 19 Council for Economic Planning and Development
                                        • 20 Council for Cultural Affairs
                                          • 21 Veterans Affairs Commission
                                            • 22 Council of Agriculture
                                              • 23 Atomic Energy Council
                                                • 24 National Youth Commission
                                                  • 25 National Science Council (Note 3)
                                                    • 26 Fair Trade Commission
                                                      • 27 Consumer Protection Commission
                                                        • 28 Public Construction Commission
                                                          • 29 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Note 2)(Note 4)
                                                            • 30 Ministry of National Defense
                                                              • 31 National Palace Museum
                                                                • 32 Central Election Commission

                                                                  * In English only. With respect to the list of entities, refer to the relevant documents governing the modalities of accession to the Agreement on Government Procurement.

                                                                  1 The listed central government entities, include all administrative units prescribed by the pertinent organization laws of such entities and entities transferred to the central government pursuant to the 28 October 1998 "Provisional Statute on the Reorganization of the Taiwan Provincial Government", in effect and as amended on 6 December 2000.

                                                                  2 This Agreement does not cover procurement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to the construction of the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu's overseas representative offices, liaison offices and other missions.

                                                                  3 This Agreement does not cover procurement by the National Space Organization of the National Science Council for five years from its entry into force for the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.

                                                                  4 This Agreement does not cover procurement for the direct purpose of providing foreign assistance by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.