Canada Annex 4 - Note 2

Subject to the application of paragraph 1 of Article III of this Agreement, with respect to procurement by the Department of National Defence, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for the Canadian Coast Guard, and provincial police forces, this Agreement covers only the goods described in the Federal Supply Classifications (FSC) listed below:

1 Railway equipment

  2 Motor vehicles, trailers and cycles (except buses in 2310 and except military trucks and trailers in 2320 and 2330 and tracked combat, assault and tactical vehicles in 2350 and wheeled combat, assault and tactical vehicles in 2355 formerly classified in 2320)

3 Tractors

4 Vehicular equipment components

5 Tires and tubes

6 Engine accessories

7 Mechanical power transmission equipment

8 Woodworking machinery and equipment

9 Metal working machinery

10 Service and trade equipment

11 Special industry machinery

12 Agricultural machinery and equipment

13 Construction, mining, excavating and highway maintenance equipment

14 Materials handling equipment

15 Rope, cable, chain and fittings

16 Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

  17 Fire fighting, rescue and safety equipment (except 4220: Marine lifesaving and diving equipment; and 4230: Decontaminating and impregnating equipment)

18 Pumps and compressors

19 Furnace, steam plant, drying equipment and nuclear reactors

20 Plumbing, heating and sanitation equipment

21 Water purification and sewage treatment equipment

22 Pipe, tubing, hose and fittings

23 Valves

24 Maintenance and repair shop equipment

25 Measuring tools

26 Hardware and abrasives

27 Prefabricated structures and scaffolding

28 Lumber, millwork, plywood and veneer

29 Construction and building materials

30 Electric wire and power and distribution equipment

31 Lighting fixtures and lamps

32 Alarm and signal systems

33 Medical, dental and veterinary equipment and supplies

  34 Instruments and laboratory equipment (except 6615: Automatic pilot mechanisms and airborne Gyro components; and 6665: Hazard detecting instruments and apparatus)

35 Photographic equipment

36 Chemicals and chemical products

37 Training aids and devices

  38 General purpose automatic data processing equipment, software, supplies and support equipment (except 7010: Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) configurations)

39 Furniture

40 Household and commercial furnishings and appliances

41 Food preparation and serving equipment

42 Office machines, text processing system and visible record equipment

43 Office supplies and devices

  44 Books, maps and other publications (except 7650: drawings and specifications)

45 Musical instruments, phonographs and home-type radios

46 Recreational and athletic equipment

47 Cleaning equipment and supplies

48 Brushes, paints, sealers and adhesives

49 Containers, packaging and packing supplies

50 Toiletries

51 Agricultural supplies

52 Live animals

53 Fuels, lubricants, oils and waxes

54 Non-metallic fabricated materials

55 Non-metallic crude materials

56 Ores, minerals and their primary products

57 Miscellaneous