Japan Annex 3 - Note 3

Notes to specific entities:

a Procurement related to operational safety of transportation is not covered.

b Procurement which could lead to the disclosure of information incompatible with the purpose of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons or with international agreements on intellectual property rights is not covered. Procurement for safety-related activities aiming at utilization and management of radioactive materials and responding to emergencies of nuclear installation is not covered.

c Procurement related to geological and geophysical survey is not covered.

d Procurement of advertising services, construction services and real estate services is not covered.

e Procurement of ships to be jointly owned with private companies is not covered.

f Procurement of public electrical telecommunications equipment and of services related to operational safety of telecommunications is not covered.

g Procurement of the services specified in Annex 5, other than construction services, is not covered.

h Procurement other than that conducted for the National Institute of Health and Nutrition is not covered.