Korea Annex 5 - Note

Of the Universal List of Services, as contained in document MTN.GNS/W/120, the following services are covered:

1 Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services

2 Taxation services

3 Architectural services

4 Engineering services

5 Integrated engineering services

6 Urban planning and landscape architectural services

7 Computer Services

8 Consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware

9 Software implementation services

10 Data processing services

11 Data base services

12 Maintenance and repair services of office machinery and equipment (including computers)

13 Rental/leasing services without operators relating to ships

14 Rental/leasing services without operators relating to aircraft

15 Rental/leasing services without operators relating to other transport equipment (only passenger vehicles for less than fifteen passengers)

16 Rental/leasing services without operators relating to other machinery and equipment

17 Rental/leasing services without operator relating to construction machinery and equipment

18 Advertising agency services

19 Market research and public opinion polling services

20 Management consulting services

21 Project management services

22 Composition and purity testing and analysis services (only inspection, testing and analysis services of air, water, noise level and vibration level)

23 Technical inspection services

24 Consulting services relating to agriculture and animal husbandry

  25 Services incidental to forestry (excluding aerial fire fighting and disinfection)

26 Consulting services relating to fishing

27 Consulting services relating to mining

28 Related scientific and technical consulting services

29 Maintenance and repair of equipment

30 Photographic services

31 Packaging services

32 Printing (screen printing, gravure printing, and services relating to printing)

33 Stenography services

34 Convention agency services

35 Translation and interpretation services

36 On-line information and data-base retrieval

37 Electronic data interchange

38 Enhanced/value-added facsimile services including store and forward, store and retrieve

39 Code and protocol conversion

40 On-line information and/or data processing (including transaction processing)

  41 Motion picture and video tape production and distribution services (excluding those services for cable TV broadcasting)

42 Record production and distribution services (sound recording)

43 Refuse water disposal services (only collection and treatment services of industrial waste water)

44 Industrial refuse disposal services (only collection, transport, and disposal services of industrial refuse)

45 Cleaning services of exhaust gases and noise abatement services (services other than construction work services)

46 Environmental testing and assessment services (only environmental impact assessment services)

47 Hotel and other lodging services

48 Food serving services

  49 Beverage serving services without entertainment (Excluding rail and air transport related facilities in CPC 6431)

50 Travel agency and tour operator services (except Government Transportation Request)

51 International transport, excluding cabotage

52 Maintenance and repair of vessels

53 Transportation of containerized freight, excluding cabotage

54 Freight transport agency services
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a Maritime agency services

b Maritime freight forwarding services

c Shipping brokerage services

d Air cargo transport agency services

e Customs clearance services

55 Freight forwarding for rail transport