Taipei Anexo 4 - Nota 2

This Agreement generally covers procurement by the Ministry of National Defense of the following Federal Supply Classification (FSC) categories subject to the decision of the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu Government under the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article III.

1 Vehicular Cab, Body, and Frame Structural Components

2 Vehicular Power Transmission Components

3 Vehicular Furniture and Accessories

4 Miscellaneous Vehicular Components

5 Tire and Tubes, Pneumatic, Except Aircraft

6 Engine Fuel System Components, Non-aircraft

7 Engine Electrical System Components, Non-aircraft

8 Engine Cooling System Components, Non-aircraft

9 Engine Air and Oil Filters, Strainers, and Cleaners, Non-aircraft

10 Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Non-aircraft

11 Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets, and Transmission Chain

12 Lathes

13 Milling Machines

14 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment

15 Refrigeration Equipment

16 Decontaminating and Impregnating Equipment

17 Space Heating Equipment and Domestic Water Heaters

18 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

19 Hand Tools, Edged, Non-powered

20 Hand Tools, Non-edged, Non-powered

21 Screws

22 Bolts

23 Studs

24 Nuts and Washers

25 Nails, Keys, and Pins

26 Rivets

27 Fastening Devices

28 Packing and Gasket Materials

29 Metal Screening

30 Miscellaneous Hardware

31 Disks and Stones, Abrasive

32 Abrasive Materials

33 Knobs and Pointers

34 Coil, Flat and Wire Springs

35 Rings, Shims and Spacers

36 Prefabricated and Portable Buildings

37 Rigid Wall Shelters

38 Bridges, Fixed and Floating

39 Storage Tanks

40 Scaffolding Equipment and Concrete Forms

41 Prefabricated Tower Structures

42 Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures

43 Millwork

44 Plywood and Veneer

45 Mineral Construction Materials, Bulk

46 Building Glass, Tile, Brick, and Block

47 Pipe and Conduit, Non-metallic

48 Wallboard, Building Paper, and Thermal Insulation Materials

49 Roofing and Siding Materials

50 Fencing, Fences, and Gates

51 Building Components, Prefabricated

52 Miscellaneous Construction Materials

53 Electric Vehicular Lights and Fixtures

54 Drugs, Biologicals and Official Reagents

55 Surgical Dressing Materials

56 Medical and Surgical Instruments, Equipment and Supplies

57 Automatic Data Processing Software

58 ADP Components

59 Household Furniture

60 Office Furniture

61 Cabinets, Lockers, Bins, and Shelving

62 Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures

63 Household Furnishings

64 Floor Coverings

65 Draperies, Awnings, and Shades

66 Household and Commercial Utility Containers

67 Miscellaneous Household and Commercial Furnishings and Appliances

68 Food Cooking, Baking, and Serving Equipment

69 Kitchen Equipment and Appliances

70 Kitchen Hand Tools and Utensils

71 Cutlery and Flatware

72 Tableware

73 Sets, Kits, Outfits, and Modules, Food Preparation and Serving

74 Office Devices and Accessories

75 Stationery and Record Forms

76 Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

77 Brooms, Brushes, Mops, and Sponges

78 Cleaning and Polishing Compounds and Preparations

79 Bags and Sacks

80 Drums and Cans

81 Oils and Greases: Cutting, Lubricating, and Hydraulic

82 Paper and Paperboard

83 Rubber Fabricated Materials

84 Plastics Fabricated Materials

85 Glass Fabricated Materials

86 Refractories and Fire Surfacing Materials

87 Miscellaneous Fabricated Non-metallic Materials

88 Crude Grades of Plant Materials

89 Fibres: Vegetable, Animal, and Synthetic

90 Miscellaneous Crude Animal Products, Inedible

91 Miscellaneous Crude Agricultural and Forestry Products

92 Non-metallic Scrap, Except Textile

93 Ores

94 Minerals, Natural and Synthetic

95 Additive Metal Materials and Master Alloys

96 Iron and Steel Primary and Semifinished Products

97 Nonferrous Base Metal Refinery and Intermediate Forms

98 Precious Metals Primary Forms

99 Iron and Steel Scrap

100 Nonferrous Metal Scrap

101 Signs, Advertising Displays, and Identification Plates

102 Jewellery

103 Collectors and/or Historical Items

104 Smokers' Articles and Matches

105 Ecclesiastical Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies

106 Memorials; Cemeterial and Mortuary Equipment and supplies

107 Miscellaneous Items