Korea, Republic of - Construction Services - Annexe 6 doc report

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1 A construction services contract is a contract which has as its objective the realization by whatever means of civil or building works, in the sense of Division 51 of the Central Product Classification. Such a contract includes a build-operate-transfer contract, to which BOT threshold applies.

2 A build-operate-transfer contract is any contractual arrangement the primary purpose of which is to provide for the construction or rehabilitation of physical infrastructures, plants, buildings, facilities, or other government-owned works and under which, as consideration for a supplier's execution of a contractual arrangement, a procuring entity grants to the supplier, for a specified period of time, temporary ownership or a right to control and operate, and demand payment for the use of such works for the duration of the contract.

List of Construction Services (Division 51, CPC Prov.): Voir plus/moins

Construction work

This Agreement does not apply to any set-asides for small- and medium-sized businesses according to the Act on Private Participation in Infrastructure.