Iceland Annexe 3 - Note 4

I. Provided that the conditions in paragraph II are met, this Agreement does not cover procurement:

a by a procuring entity to an affiliated undertaking4, or

b by a joint venture, formed exclusively by a number of procuring entities for the purpose of carrying out activities within the meaning of paragraphs (a) to (g) of this Annex, to an undertaking which is affiliated with one of these procuring entities.

II. Paragraph I shall apply to services or supplies contracts provided that at least 80 per cent of the average turnover of the affiliated undertaking with respect to services or supplies for the preceding three years derives respectively from the provision of such services or supplies to undertakings with which it is affiliated.<br /><br />When, because of the date on which an affiliated undertaking was created or commenced activities, the turnover is not available for the preceding three years, it will be sufficient for that undertaking to show that the turnover referred to in this paragraph is credible, in particular by means of business projections.

Referenced Notes:

4 "Affiliated undertaking" means any undertaking the annual accounts of which are consolidated with those of the procuring entity in accordance with the requirements of Council Directive 83/349/EEC on consolidated accounts, or in case of entities not subject to that Directive, any undertaking over which the procuring entity may exercise, directly or indirectly, a dominant influence, or which may exercise a dominant influence over the procuring entity, or which, in common with the procuring entity, is subject to the dominant influence of another undertaking by virtue of ownership, financial participation, or the rules which govern it.