Israel Annexe 8 - Note e

Starting from the eleventh year after coming into force for Israel of the revised GPA, for procurement above the threshold of 3 million SDR, offsets shall no longer be applied by entities covered under Annexes 1, 2 and 3, excluding the following entities which will continue requiring offsets up to 18 per cent of the contract:

Annex 1 Voir plus/moins

1 Ministry of National Infrastructures excluding Fuel Authority

2 Ministry of Finance

3 Ministry of Health

4 Ministry of Transport

Annex 2 Voir plus/moins

1 Local Government Economic Services Ltd.

Annex 3 Voir plus/moins

1 Israel Airports Authority

2 Israel Ports Development and Assets Company Ltd.

3 Ashod Port Company Ltd.

4 Haifa Port Company Ltd.

5 Eilat Port Company Ltd.

6 Israel Railways Ltd.

7 Israel Postal Company Ltd.

8 The Israel Electric Corp. Ltd.

9 Mekorot Water Co. Ltd.