Korea Annexe 4 - Note 2

Subject to the decision of the Korean Government under the provisions of paragraph 1, Article III, for procurement by the Ministry of National Defense and the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, this Agreement covers the following FSC categories only.

1 Vehicular cab, body, and frame structural components

2 Vehicular power transmission components

3 Vehicular furniture and accessories

4 Miscellaneous vehicular components

5 Tires and tubes, pneumatic, except aircraft

6 Engine fuel system components, non-aircraft

7 Engine electrical system components, non-aircraft

8 Engine cooling system components, non-aircraft

9 Engine air and oil filters, strainers and cleaners, non-aircraft

10 Miscellaneous engine accessories, non-aircraft

11 Gears, pulleys, sprockets and transmission chain

12 Lathes

13 Milling machines

14 Laundry and dry cleaning equipment

15 Refrigeration equipment

16 Decontaminating and impregnating equipment

17 Space and water heating equipment

18 Miscellaneous maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment

19 Hand tools, nonedged, non-powered

20 Prefabricated and portable buildings

21 Plywood and veneer

22 Fencing, fences, gates and components

23 Relays and solenoids

24 Headsets, handsets, microphones and speakers

25 Antennas, waveguide, and related equipment

26 Cable, cord, and wire assemblies: communication equipment

27 Drugs and biologicals

28 Electric vehicular lights and fixtures

29 Pest control agents disinfectants

30 Miscellaneous chemical specialties

31 Food cooking, baking, and serving equipment

32 Kitchen equipment and appliances

33 Kitchen hand tools and utensils

34 Tableware

35 Sets, kits, outfits, and modules, food preparation and serving

36 Stationery and record forms

37 Brooms, brushes, mops, and sponges

38 Cleaning and polishing compounds and preparations

39 Drums and cans

40 Oils and greases: cutting, lubricating, and hydraulic

41 Paper and paperboard