Singapore Annexe 5 - Note

The following services as found in document MTN.GNS/W/120 are covered (others being excluded):

1 Accounting, Auditing and Book-keeping Services

2 Architectural Services

3 Management Consulting Services

4 Building-Cleaning Services

5 Hotels and Restaurants (incl. catering)

6 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

7 Tourist Guide Services

8 Data Processing Services

9 Database Services

10 Veterinary Services

11 Consultancy Services Related to the Installation of Computer Hardware

12 Systems and Software Consulting Services

13 Translation and Interpretation Services

14 Electronic Mail

15 Voice Mail

16 On-Line Information and Database Retrieval

17 Electronic Data Interchange

18 Motion Picture or Video Tape Production Services

19 Motion Picture or Video Tape Distribution Services

20 Motion Picture Projection Services

21 Video Tape Projection Services

22 Library Services

23 Engineering Services

24 Courier Services

25 Biotechnology Services

26 Exhibition Services

27 Commercial Market Research

28 Interior Design Services, Excluding Architecture

29 Professional, Advisory and Consulting Services Relating to Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Mining, Including Oilfield Services

30 Executive Search Services