Canada Annex 5 - Note 3

This Agreement covers the following services procured by federal entities listed in Annex 1, sub-central government entities listed in Annex 2, and federal enterprises listed in Annex 3:

1 Repair services of personal and household goods

2 Hotel and similar accommodation services

3 Food and beverage serving services

4 Travel agency and tour operator services

5 Commercial courier services (including multi-modal)

6 Electronic data interchange (EDI)

7 Electronic mail

8 Enhanced/value-added facsimile services, including store and forward, store and retrieve

9 Code and protocol conversion

10 On-line information and data base retrieval

11 Voice mail

12 Real estate services involving own or leased property

13 Real estate services on a fee or contract basis

14 Leasing or rental services concerning machinery and equipment without operator

15 Leasing or rental services concerning personal and household goods

16 Consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware

17 Software implementation services, including systems and software consulting services, systems analysis, design, programming and maintenance services

18 Data processing services, including processing, tabulation and facilities management services

19 On-line information and/or data processing (including transaction processing)

20 Data base services

21 Maintenance and repair services of office machinery and equipment including computers

22 Other computer services

23 General management consulting services

24 Human resources management consulting services

25 Production management consulting services

26 Services related to management consulting (except 86602 Arbitration and conciliation services)

27 Urban planning and landscape architectural services

28 Technical testing and analysis services including quality control and inspection (except with reference to FSC 58 and transportation equipment)

29 Building-cleaning services

30 Packaging services

31 Services incidental to forestry and logging, including forest management

32 Services incidental to mining, including drilling and field services

33 Repair services incidental to metal products, machinery and equipment

34 Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar services