Nouvelle-Zélande - Autres entités - Annexe 3 doc report

Unless otherwise specified, this Agreement covers procurement by entities included in this Annex, subject to the following thresholds:

Valeurs de seuil pour Taux de change signalé NZD
Marchandises 400 000 848 394
Services 400 000 848 394
Services de construction 5 000 000 10 604 930
Monnaies nationales
  • 1 Accident Compensation Corporation (Note 1)
    • 2 Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
      • 3 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
        • 4 Housing New Zealand Corporation
          • 5 Maritime New Zealand
            • 6 New Zealand Antarctic Institute
              • 7 Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Note 5)
                • 8 New Zealand Qualifications Authority
                  • 9 New Zealand Tourism Board
                    • 10 New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
                      • 11 New Zealand Transport Agency
                        • 12 Ōtākaro Limited (Note 4)
                          • 13 Sport New Zealand (Note 2)
                            • 14 Tertiary Education Commission
                              • 15 Education New Zealand
                                • 16 Airways Corporation of New Zealand Limited
                                  • 17 Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
                                    • 18 KiwiRail Holdings Limited
                                      • 19 Transpower New Zealand Limited (Note 3)

                                        1 Accident Compensation Corporation: This Agreement does not cover procurement of pension fund management, public insurance and fund placements, investments and financial services related to securities or trading on an exchange.

                                        2 Sport New Zealand: The Agreement does not apply to the procurement of goods and services containing confidential information related to enhancing competitive sport performance.

                                        3 Transpower New Zealand Limited: The following procurements are excluded from cover: Voir plus/moins

                                        a Electrical stringing services (part of the total range of activities covered by CPC Prov. 5134);

                                        b Tower painting services (part of the total range of activities covered by CPC Prov. 5173);

                                        c For greater certainty, projects funded directly by private sector customers where those projects would not be undertaken except for the funding provided by those customers.

                                        4 Ōtākaro Limited: All obligations in the Agreement specifically relating to Annex 1 entities shall apply. For greater certainty, the thresholds are SDR 130,000 for Goods and Services and SDR 5,000,000 for Construction Services, and all agencies subordinate to Ōtākaro are covered.

                                        5 Fire and Emergency New Zealand: This Agreement only covers procurement that was previously covered by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission. For the avoidance of doubt, the following procurements are excluded from cover: any procurement by Fire and Emergency New Zealand that was previously conducted by Rural Fire Authorities, Rural Fire Committees and/or Territorial Authorities (for the purposes of their functions under the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977).